The CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION is a non-sectarian, non-denominational fellowship of assemblies sharing the same faith and doctrine in Jesus Christ.

The CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION has its origin in a small group of Evangelical Italians that, in the city of Chicago in the United States of America, in 1904, began to come together in their homes, seeking Divine guidance to follow the Christian biblical teachings within the simplicity of the apostolic faith.

To this group, devoid of any denomination and without any advertising or special way of communication, many other people have been aggregated, feeling moved by God. In this same way, groups imbued with the same feelings and understanding of God’s Word have been formed in several countries.

Bearing in mind the increasing number of people professing the same principles of worshiping God and considering the nonexistence of particular places where it was possible to worship, it was necessary to acquire sites for this purpose, having, since then, the need to create institutions with legal power to legalize the meetings and securities the ownership of these properties and, therefore, this entities were denominated as “CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION”, i.e. simple gathering of people, without any formality only imbued with the same Christian spiritual values of worshiping God.

The Christian Congregation is subsidized by voluntary and anonymous offers mainly from its members, being forbidden any character of provisional obligation or relation to the integration and retention of members.

Any person working in any spiritual or administrative activity in the Christian Congregation are volunteers and must support themselves through their own work or their own means, since it is forbidden any kind of compensation or remuneration for the exercise of these activities or the ministry of spiritual services or sacraments.

The CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION has no ties with political parties or political ideologies and the members with spiritual or administrative responsibilities should refrain from accepting positions or political duties, being incompatible the concomitant exercise of functions in both spheres (political positions or duties and spiritual or administrative activity/position in the church). It is recommended that its members fulfill their civic duties of citizens, following the country’s laws.

It is also forbidden to members, members of the Ministry and of the Administration Team to use the name of the CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION for political, electoral or personal ideological purposes.

The CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION neither maintains polemic over its points of doctrine or its mode of organisation, nor authorizes any person to do so on its behalf.

The members of the Ministry (elders, deacons and cooperators) and of the Administration of the CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION do not maintain any “website” or any other form of communication aiming to answer spiritual questions or even clarification of points of doctrine or principles of faith.

The CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION neither does any advertising of its doctrine, nor uses any means of public disclosure of its principles of faith. Those spiritually interested in knowing the doctrine should attend their services in any of their churches locations.


The CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION IN IRELAND keeps fellowship with other Christian Congregation around the world with more than 3.5 million members over 73 countries linked to the same faith and doctrine.

DISCLAIMER: The CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION IN IRELAND does not authorize the public disclosure by electronic means of any information about it, not being allowed to those who, through “a webpage” not belonging to the CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION, to state it as an official “website”. Those who do that will be acting on their own, self-interest and personal responsibility. The CHRISTIAN CONGREGATION manifests only through its Executive Committee (Administration Team) or Council of Elders.